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The Apprende Philosophy
1) To enjoy the acquisition of knowledge in a consistent, progressive learning atmosphere.
2)  To have the safety and security to experience a variety of social and academic activities.
3)  To acquire high self-esteem, intellectual thought and responsible decision making.       
4)  To develop creativity through the exposure, understanding and appreciation for the arts.
5)  To recognize the importance of our interactions with the environment and the necessity for  ecological awareness.

We blend a traditional education utilizing techniques similar to the Steiner-Waldorf ,  Reggio Emilia and other progressive educational programs.  We emphasize the importance of creative play to explore the world around them while promoting courtesy, manners and social etiquette.  Learning is interdisciplinary, integrating practical, artistic and conceptual elements.  The Apprende  approach emphasizes the role of the imagination, developing thinking that includes a creative as well as an analytic component.  The overarching goals of our educational approach provides young people the basis on which to develop into free, moral and integrated individuals.  We  will consistently assist every child in fulfilling his or her own unique destiny.