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Apprende Private School
"established 1981"
 436B Valley School Drive, Valley Park, MO 63088
Apprende School is a private, non-parochial, co-ed school with small classes and personalized instruction. Whether your child is advanced, average or needing an alternative to the standard classroom, we provide students with the opportunity to enjoy learning.

A brief history... Apprende @ 1000 St. Louis Ave. (1981-1999) established in 1981 on the original "White Mineral Springs" swimming grounds that featured a 100' round Olympic size swimming pool, a multi-stage diving tower, club house and dining area. The restaurant was originally known as the "Copper Kettle" and filled with many ornate copper fixtures. The spot was a major recreational area in the 1890's and built during the popularity of the riverside recreational area "Meramec Highlands".

The club house and restaurant were converted into a school building keeping the brick floors, multiple fireplaces, knotty pine walls, oak cabinets and bookcases, windowed atrium, beamed ceilings, stone patio and wrought iron fences.  It was an idyllic country setting that we enjoyed for 18 years until displaced by the construction of the Meramec Basin Levee.  

Apprende @ Treecourt (1998-2016)  We relocated nearby onto the picturesque park grounds of the "Treecourt Swim & Tennis Club". The serene, tree covered acreage adjacent to Simpson's St. Louis County Park and the Meramec Greenway provided several miles of paved walking and bike paths. The building was converted into classrooms to accommodate 22 students.  Although this facility was smaller we maintained the "old school" charm with a cozy, relaxing atmosphere and continued to provide our unique educational advantage.  

Demographically our student population is culturally diverse coming from a wide variety of socioeconomic backgrounds, mostly residing in the St. Louis County area but some traveling many miles each day from other counties and states.  Interestingly, while many parents are professionals we've had a large percentage of teachers opting to send their own children to us acknowledging the advantage we can provide.

Apprende is registered with the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education-DESE and accredited as a non-public school complying with all applicable standards and regulations.  Our course work and credits are transferable to public, private and parochial schools.  

We offer a safe and secure environment with small classes and one-on-one personalized instruction utilizing a teaching method and programs designed and implemented during our many years of experience... always holding true to the Apprende Philosophy.

Apprende's experienced teachers are college degreed in NAEYC accredited programs, specializing in; Education, Psychology, Child Development and Family Relations.  We work with many youth organizations providing alternative school programs and can adjust our schedule to accommodate students needing additional time off for treatment and counseling.  Our goal is to motivate and encourage... not admonish and ridicule.  Apprende School offers APA accredited exam supervision and counseling services. We have open registration for new students to begin at anytime during the school year.
We foster curiosity, ingenuity and learning by asking questions and seeking creative answers.