COVID-19: School Update

We're currently providing the necessary in-school assistance to the children of essential workers.  In the interim we are doing online classes and "Distance Learning"  for Elementary and High School.

Please use all the recommend safety precautions.   Students...stay home if you or any family member feels sick or has a fever.  Let us know if you are in self-quarantine.  You can be highly contagious for about 4-5 days before any symptoms appear.  Remember that hard surfaces can be contaminated for up to 72 hrs. and soft surfaces (cardboard, paper, etc.) for several hours.  We are regularly disinfecting everything possible and students are reminded to regularly wash their hands and practice social distancing.

We will all persevere as long as we work together and are vigilant about prevention.  If details change we will notify you promptly.

Thank you for your cooperation.